What's Included

Custom Responsive Web Design

To avoid having your website take on a “cookie-cutter” appearance, wasting both time and money with firms offering only template or site builder web designs, take a 60 day FREE trial with Accountants Web Design and experience what working with a real web design team is like.

We work from a framework to develop unique site designs for each of our clients. A dedicated Design Team Manager will take your logo and colour scheme and develop a flexible design to use as a starting point. From there they will work with you to make NO Cookie Cutter Websites at Accountants  Web Design design adjustments until it's perfect. You save time and money instead of working with other web design companies not focused on the Canadian accounting and bookkeeping industries.

By working one on one, our responsive designer helps you turn that vision into your ideal website.

If you don't have a logo, we'll create a web-ready, text-based design at no charge.

From the Beginning

The first page your clients and prospective customers will see on your website is the homepage. We organize the most sought-after information such as contact information, hours and links to key information about you and your services, saving them time and reducing frustration.

We'll tweak it til you are happy at Accountants and Bookkeepers Web Design

We'll Design it and Work with You to Customise it to Your Taste

Does this look familiar? You signed up with a Do It Yourself service and find that there is more to designing a website than "pointing and clicking". We do all that for you by developing a flexible layout to use as a starting point. We will use your firm's logo, colour scheme and fonts and then, work directly with you to tweak it to your liking.

Already Have Something in Mind

If you have designed your letterhead and brochures, etc. you will want to design your website so everything has a consistent look. That's not a problem as we can pick up the theme from your stationery and incorporate it to extend your brand image.

Online Site Management 24/7

Although most of our clients just email us any updates, we can show you how you can edit your content anytime you wish so you can work at it on your schedule.

A Mobile-Ready Website

Mobile ready websites from Accountants and Bookkeepers Web DesignA growing number of clients will view your site going to and from work, waiting for the next flight or relaxing at home. Your site will be able to tell what kind of device it is being viewed on and adjust itself to look good on every device your client may use - tablets, smartphones, desktops, and laptops.

Easy to Use Multi-Menu Navigation

Content from various sources like the CRA and other government departments is easy to find and simply organized.

Add an Unlimited Amount of Content

Have 1,000 pages? We’ll organize it all.

Add Your Video to Convert Visitors to Clients

Simply upload it to YouTube and we will take it from there or, tell us and we will help you.

Add Your Own Pictures

If you have pictures or images that you wish to use anywhere on the site, it can easily be formatted to fit. Simply email a copy of the picture to your Design Team Manager. It's an easy way to have the custom site that you envision.

Use Our Stock Photos

If you don't have pictures you want to use, we'll find them for you. Just give us an idea of what you're thinking of. We have a selection of images you can use, all royalty-free.

Add Customizable Online Feedback Forms and Polls

Gauge how your visitors feel about the world.

Add a Custom Slideshow

This adds impact in the right place.

Add Private Password Protected "Clients-Only" Pages

You can limit access if you have content you wish to share with just your clients.



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