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How to Make an Accounting Logo That Looks Professional

Make Accounting logos look professionalAs an accounting business owner or CPA (certified professional accountant), you should pay a lot of attention to building a strong brand and marketing your services effectively. It’s how you can establish a name in a highly competitive industry and make a positive impression on potential clients. This is where the visual brand identity of your company such as logo, fonts and imagery comes into play.

The logo design for your accounting firm is incredibly important for connecting with the audience and building a trustworthy relationship with them. By making sure that it is professional and relevant to the industry, you can attract more clients and create a good reputation as well.

If you are wondering how you can achieve this, well, you have come to the right place. Here are a few ways you can make an accounting logo that appears professional.

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  • Go with a Wordmark

One of the best ways to designing a brand identity design that looks professional is to include a wordmark in it. Basically, this is just your company name that can be highlighted with clean and minimalistic typography that instantly makes an impact. It will also help you increase brand recognition as more people will become familiar with your accounting business and be likely to remember it.

deloitteTake the logo of Deloitte for example here. The simple wordmark in black with bold, clear-cut typography and the green dot at the end has become a globally recognized symbol over the years. With its design, the company has managed to create a highly professional logo that communicates its core values of growth, creating opportunities and commitment.

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With a wordmark in your logo design, you can add professionalism to the graphics and tell people what your business is about effectively.

  • Choose a Relevant Font Style

To make an accounting logo look professional, you need to pick a font style for your brand symbol that is relevant to the industry and complements the overall design. Sans Serif fonts such as Helvetica or Futura for example are considered minimalistic and contemporary. So, it would be a good idea to stick to these fonts and avoid handwritten or script styles.

kpmgImage Source: WikimediaBy using a clear-cut Sans Serif font, you could create a professional-looking logo and showcase your accounting company as modern and up-to-date with new practices.  While Sans Serif is the popular choice in logos of accounting firms, you can also opt for Serif fonts to highlight professionalism along with tradition and authority.

If you take two of the big four accounting corporations such as PWC and KPMG for instance, you will see that fonts used by both companies are impactful from the first look. PWC (PriceWaterhouseCoopers) has opted for a Serif font in their lettermark while KPMG makes use of a clean and straightforward Serif font.


 Image Source: WikimediaBoth the logos appear professional anywhere they are displayed, be it on print mediums such as letterheads or business cards or digital channels like the website and social networks.

  • Use One or Two Colors

When it comes to choosing colours, you have to keep in mind that people associate them with particular emotions and they can represent certain values of a business. For instance, blue which is quite commonly used in accounting, represents calmness, trust and security. You can use this one colour in your design to make it look professional or combine it with red, black or white.

pwcThe idea is to be as minimalistic as possible and avoid a logo that can overwhelm the viewer. It’s why you do not want to use a lot of different colours and combinations because those could also confuse the audience about your business. While blue is a great choice for an accounting logo, you could also opt for black which stands for power and authority or red since it is associated with energy and excitement.

These are some of the traits that could create a positive perception of your accounting firm in the minds of potential clients. In order to make your accounting logo stand out from the competitors, you can also try colours such as orange as Aprio has done. The firm has gone with monochromatic orange hues in their icon which manages to catch the eye for its unique yet professional appearance.

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  • Make Use of Shapes or Icons

If you think about it, having a geometric shape such as a square or a circle in your accounting logo could add more value to the design. Shapes can help create a positive perception in the minds of your audience about your business. Circles for example can encourage trust and stability while a triangle may show professionalism and strength.

EisnerAmper LLP logoTake a look at the EisnerAmper LLP logo here. The bars forming a triangular shape make for a professional symbol that can be easily recognized everywhere. Similarly, you can also opt for icons related to the accounting industry in your logo design. EY has a yellow beam on top of the lettermark or monogram which stands for progress and confidence in a better world.

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To Sum Up

These are a few ways that you can make an accounting logo that looks quite professional and makes an impact from the first look. You can try them out and come up with a design that helps convince people to hire your services for their accounting problems.b2ap3 amp Picture7Image Source:

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