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The Psychology of Color in Marketing


Colors matter in the marketing world. There are brands that are initially associated by color. For instance, Target is synonymous with red and Home Depot is associated with orange. Selecting brand colors for marketing purposes sound simple, but it actually requires a lot of thought.  Colors aren’t just visually appealing, they actually spark emotions in consumers. So, selecting a brand color scheme is more difficult than picking a favorite color, marketers, and designers have to consider a company’s purpose, products, and the emotion it wants to convey.  Consumers pay attention to colors too. Eighty-five percent of consumers say color is the primary influencer during a purchase decision.  This guide will explore color psychology in marketing and provide useful tips to select the ideal colors.  

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How to Make an Accounting Logo That Looks Professional

As an accounting business owner or CPA (certified professional accountant), you should pay a lot of attention to building a strong brand and marketing your services effectively. It’s how you can establish a name in a highly competitive industry and make a positive impression on potential clients. This is where the visual brand identity of your company such as logo, fonts and imagery comes into play.

The logo design for your accounting firm is incredibly important for connecting with the audience and building a trustworthy relationship with them. By making sure that it is professional and relevant to the industry, you can attract more clients and create a good reputation as well.

If you are wondering how you can achieve this, well, you have come to the right place. Here are a few ways you can make an accounting logo that appears professional.

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  • Go with a Wordmark

One of the best ways to designing a brand identity design that looks professional is to include a wordmark in it. Basically, this is just your company name that can be highlighted with clean and minimalistic typography that instantly makes an impact. It will also help you increase brand recognition as more people will become familiar with your accounting business and be likely to remember it.

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